Great Gain(s)


A test of patient cheerful endurance
In faith currently still remains,
For the last feet members of the Church,

That will prove great gains.

These do experience ridicule

And rejection both from those near and far,
As the Gospel message they proclaim,

Even on their guitar.

Having no fleshly interests,
Just a desire to heed God’s will,
Their consciences are in tune with God’s voice,

As in their Father’s presence they remain still.

As they adhere to the Divine Words of Jehovah,

Leaning on Jesus as their rock,
They watch and pray and help others understand Divine Scriptures,

Like shepherds of a flock.

With heart and minds that desire
To know what is best,
What is purest and most righteous,

To be perfect like Christ—this is their quest.

Sacrificing every earthly and fleshly interest
Is a pleasure to do,
For it means a share in the sin offering through grace,

A privilege for only but a few.
When soon all 144,000 Bride members
Are beyond the Vail,
They shall begin their roles as the heavenly judges and kings—

WHY? Because they did not fail!

These win the prize of the High Calling,
Which was the longing of their hearts.
What mattered to these dear Ones most,
Was to please God, and of Him and His dear Son Jesus, to boast!

When Armageddon comes,
The faithful few will have been taken from earth;
They will have completed their race
Having proven their worth.
Belonging to Jesus—
They shall forever with him remain,
Bringing greatest pleasure to the Heavenly Father—
Like the Lamb of God that had once been slain.
So dear brethren in Christ Jesus
who are our crown and joy:

Let’s continue to put away behind us,
What would cloud the narrow way ahead,
Not even for a split second look back at the wrong,
Only disciplining the mind to keep focused on what Jesus has said.

Feasting on God’s Words in the Bible
Every moment we can in this life that remains,
God promises to reward justly,
For all good done, with great gains.



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3 thoughts on “Great Gain(s)

  1. I am thanking our heavenly Father for allowing me to stumble upon this site. I believe I had seen it before, but tonight I was searching the words “…little flock will scarcely know how to cease their efforts,” and it came up on the search. I received such a great blessing reading through much of it! Thank you! Lord be with you. You are in my prayers. Christian love, Sr. Carina from the Hartford, CT class USA

    1. Dear Sr. Carina –

      Thank you for your prayers to more than overcome all the tests like did our Beloved Head — Jesus — the author and perfecter of our Faith. You prayers are worth more than gold.

      Thank you for your words – that give us great joy in the Lord which is the strength the New Creation receives from meditating on Divine Scriptures from the Bible and through prayer and fellowship with those who have no other will, but to do the will of our Heavenly Father. We shall be satisfied when we awake in OUR MASTER JESUS’ likeness and continue to forevermore rejoice with the Lamb who was slain from the foundation of the world to bring all mankind into harmonious perfect righteousness with the Creator of all — our Heavenly Father and El Shaddai — the Almighty One and source of all things perfect and all things Godly and good.

      Warmest sincere love and greetings to you and all our beloved brethren in Christ Jesus.

      Philippians 4:8

      Yours in Christ – The Olszewski family.

    2. P.s. If you or any brethren wish to be added to our monthly email newsletter list, please do let us know (by writing an email to There is also the option here of receiving regular posts by adding one’s email to the subscription request section below each post.

      It seems our Heavenly Father directs whom HE CHOOSES to find this website and we are so grateful in serving our beloved brethren in Christ with words of daily spiritual edification, comfort and cheer here.

      God bless you and yours forevermore.

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