Blessed are the Peacemakers

for poem WITH CROSS

Blessed are the Peacemakers

Sweet peacemakers, how blest they are,
As harmony they seek!
They help their Brethren near and far,
Are gentle, kind and meek.

‘Tis best to look upon the good
Within our Brethren’s hearts,
For they’d be perfect, if they could;
So His merit Christ imparts.

We’ll seek to build each other up,
Sweet fellowship enjoy,
To feast with Jesus, share His cup
Of sacrifice and joy.

While in God’s Word we fully trust,
Each promise He’ll fulfill.
The Scriptures studied and discussed
Will help us to do His Will.

Marge Hagensick

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2 thoughts on “Blessed are the Peacemakers

  1. Dear Sr Yvonne: Very nice poem! This question came to mind: Among Brethren, which is most important: Truth, Harmony, or Peace? In what order would you rate them?
    Among the various nominal churches, of the 3, there is one thing they don’t have.

    1. Thank you. Forgive me but I don’t know your full name Brother so I do not address you by any. I like questions that exercise my spiritual thinking. Yours does. To answer this question I will say: in whatever order one believes will help them best please our Heavenly Father and bring glory and honor into His name and the name of our Beloved Jesus. At Depending on the experience which God is allowing one to go through, our efforts will focus on what will best develop us as a Royal Priesthood who’s fleshly interests are dead but who’s spiritual New Creature minds in Christ would grown from by surrendering to only doing the WILL OF our God Yahweh.

      In Ecclesiastes we are told that there is a time and season for everything under heaven… So here too, it would seem to apply – that each stage of our walk on the narrow way with our Advocate and Beloved Bridegroom Jesus, our Heavenly Father may be teaching us different lessons and hence we may find we need to seek for that which would most be beneficial during each lesson and during each test in the School of Christ.

      So in conclusion, my answer is: for each Christ follower to ask God for the wisdom to know what would be best to seek after and in what order during any given time of their pilgrimage as footstep followers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

      What are your thoughts dear Brother?

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