Just a Word

1 PET. 5, 7 - C&C

Just a word of cheer, brothers and sisters, as you onward press,
Weary, but undaunted, through this wilderness.
Just a word of comfort as the way seems long,
and the sullen shadows around about you throng.

Just a word of hope, brothers and sisters, when your feet are sore,
and the road seems ever rougher than before;
Faint not, for our King Jesus trod the self-same way,
and you know it leads you to the realms of day.

Just a word of caution when before your sight
stands the subtle tempter in a garb of light.
Hold no parley with him, now give way to fear;
at the name of Jesus he will disappear.

Just a word to tell you, brothers and sisters, not to dread
what the world in anger pours upon your head,
and should persecutions come your cup to fill,
then be like the Master – suffer and be still.

Just a note of joy, brothers and sisters as you near the goal,
and the sounds of Jordan beat upon your soul.
He who all your journey proved a faithful guide –
He will see you safely to the other side.

from ‘Poems of the Way’ – Compiled by Bro. Martin C. Mitchell


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