The Approaching End of the Harvest

David Rice - End of Harvest - verse- borderDear Bible Student and/or interested Truth Seeker …

Are you even vaguely interested in hearing answers to the following questions?:

When does the Millennial Reign of CHRIST begin? How can we prove this in Scripture?

When does the 6000 years for the permission of evil end?

How long is the GOSPEL AGE meant to go on for— 2000 years? Does this mean from AD 33 since Jesus ascended up to the Divine Realms ? Why ? and why not longer or shorter?

What does “midnight” in the Bible represent? Is it a moment in time or a period of time? Why do we need to know about it?

What is so significant about the year 2043? How does it harmonize with Scriptural texts and events?

What is the significance of certain symmetrical time periods mentioned in the Bible?

When will the Bride (144,000 members) of Christ be complete? When will the “Elect” Bride of Christ inherit glory, honor and immortality? Will the Great Multitude still be on earth during Armageddon? How do we know?

What do I need to know about jubilee cycles and why?

What is significant about the 40 years of the prophet Jeremiah’s reign in comparison to Brother Charles Taze Russell’s 40 years of harvest witnessing of Truth work?

How do these dates help us understand where we are now? :

A Count of Years From Adam

1656 years — Adam to the end of the Flood (Genesis 5, 8:13).

427 years — to God’s Covenant with Abraham (Genesis 11, 12).

430 years — to the Exodus (Galatians 3:17).

479 years — to the Foundation of Solomon’s Temple.
2992 years

If you are interested to:

— read about the beauties of Truth found in God’s marvelous plan through the studying of Bible chronology supported by Scriptural explanations,

— recognize Biblical symmetry in relation to Bible chronology,

— learn about both the typical and antitypical meanings of things within holy Scriptures,

— learn where we are in the stream of time now,

— recognize the awesome harmony of  our Heavenly Father’s wise plan of the Ages and lots more …

Then why not check out the latest study by Bro. David Rice titled ‘The Approaching End of the Harvest’. Here is a direct link to the PDF file for your consideration and study:

For the most concise and clearly explained unfolding of these insights, that are so faith building and truly spiritual enlightening to the reader who seeks to understand GOD’s Divine Plan and Words to be better enabled to divide the word of Truth and make it one’s own coming to a clearer understanding of GOD’s character, then please feel free to contact David Rice  at for any direct questions regarding his books and studies (several of which are provided in the above link) or any questions pertaining to BIBLICAL CHRONOLOGY AND OUR PART IN IT, as the ‘watchmen’ of unfolding Bible prophecy.

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