100 Pages of BIBLE STUDY WORKSHEETS for children – based on the book “Adam to Zion”


Dear Parent(s),

Christian greetings in the name of our Heavenly Father and his Son, Jesus Christ.

This 100 page PDF file of the Worksheets, are based on the 93 Lessons in the book Adam To Zion. Please click here (or on the image of the workbook cover, above) to download the PDF of these ADAM TO ZION WORKSHEETS

[NOTE: The book Adam to Zion  is a 187 page paperback book for children which can be purchased directly from the Chicago Bible Students Bookstore: https://chicagobible.org/product/adam-to-zion-2/]

A CD of these Worksheets can also be obtained for FREE by contacting the Berean Bible Institute: enquiryBBI@gmail.com

This makes a great gift and inspires young minds towards focusing on that which is heaven-ward using a fun and challenging method of teaching incorporated in this valuable bible study resource.

Most of the information required to answer the questions in each worksheet is in its corresponding lesson in the book; some questions require direct reference to the scriptures.

  • All scriptures are cited from the New International Version of the Bible.
  • The Worksheets are aimed at the 8-13 age group.
  • Each lesson should be read and understood before the Worksheet questions are attempted.
  • It is suggested that younger children discuss the content with a parent or teacher.
  • Several exercises require material other than writing material. Bible study teachers should check each lesson in advance.We share this book, praying that the Almighty Heavenly Father will enable each of us in our parental/teaching roles to instil those spiritual ideas and goals which are so meaningful in our own lives.



  • Beverly Christiansen (USA) – for writing the Book “Adam to Zion.”
  • Dawn Smith (Australia) – for writing the corresponding Worksheets to each lesson for the Book “Adam to Zion.”
  • The Berean Bible Institute Inc. (www.bbi.org.au) – for allowing the above content to be shared on BIBLEStudentsDAILY.com


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